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Users, sudo and privileges

25 Feb 2018 operations | #shell #linux

Regardless of whether we work on existing users or create new ones. Almost always default privileges are not what we want.

Create new user

Only root and sudoers can create new users. adduser is an interactive creator. All answers are optional.

$ sudo adduser
Changing the user information for username
Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default
    Full Name []:
    Room Number []:
    Work Phone []:
    Home Phone []:
    Other []:
Is the information correct? [Y/n]

Check existing groups

List all groups

$ groups
pawelzny sudo www docker testuser

List groups in which user belongs to

$ groups testuser
testuser : testuser

Add user to sudo group

User can use sudo only if is in sudo group. You may also add user manually to /etc/sudoers.

$ sudo usermod -aG sudo testuser
  • -a append instead of override
  • -G <group> set group

Sudoers privileges

Manage privileges by editing /etc/sudoers file. User can have access to all or specific commands without being in sudo group.

$ sudo vim /etc/sudoers

Add as many lines as you need.

Grant access to all sudo commands

Access to all commands with password:

testuser ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

Access to all commands without password:


Grant access to specific sudo command

Disable all commands and then grant access to specific command, one without password.

testuser ALL=(ALL:ALL) !ALL
testuser ALL=(ALL:ALL) /sbin/poweroff
testuser ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/reboot